“We have already prepared an executive summary to share with our managers and have recommended it to several colleagues.”
Lisa Hanna
Group Manager, Customer Programs, Adobe

What Summit Attendees Say

2017 Summit


This is the longest running, most respected educational conference on customer engagement and advocacy in the world.

What accounts for our longevity and vibrancy? We’re about learning from top experts (starting with Bill Lee, the thought leader in this space), your peers, leading senior executive practitioners, and other experts. We’re not selling anything.  We’re vendor neutral.

Who should attend?

Professionals who manage, run or depend on: customer reference or customer advocacy programs, customer communities, customer advisory boards, executive forums, and related customer engagement programs designed to attract new or retain existing customers and grow the business.

Who does attend?

Customer advocacy and engagement professionals from the top firms in the world attend the Summit, including Salesforce, LinkedIn, Oracle, FireEye, IBM, Citrix, Amazon Web Services, Dropbox, Cognizant, Nuance, Rackspace, NetApp, Dell, Palo Alto Networks, Tableau, Microsoft, SAP, Veritas, MarkLogic, Kronos and many other great advocacy and engagement programs

What makes us different?

An intimate gathering of your peers. We’re not trying to fill a ballroom with 1,000-plus people. We keep attendance around 200 or so to optimize your ability to meet, interact with and build relationships with your peers.

In-depth and actionable steps, not a surface skim. Our presenters go into depth, allow plenty of time for Q&A, and provide actionable next steps you can apply at your firm, rather than just a short overview of their story.

Spend quality time with speakers. You’ll have access to all speakers, including keynoters, for follow-up questions or conversations after the formal presentation.

Go deep into groundbreaking research. We devote substantial time to current, groundbreaking research into leading practices and innovations in customer advocacy and engagement.

We continuously innovate to keep up with your needs and the demands of this field. At our last Summit, we introduced Speed Networking, a pre-Summit Advanced Practices workshop, mind-blowing results from groundbreaking research (e.g., customer advocacy programs are playing increasingly strategic roles in delivering the entire customer experience), Birds of a Feather roundtables, and more.

We cover the latest advances by your peers on critical issues, like: getting executive support for your customer program, getting enthusiastic stakeholder cooperation, attracting passionate advocates (especially marquee advocates), establishing the value of your customer program, keeping up with trends in technology and more.

Just getting started? If you’re just getting started in customer advocacy and engagement, we’ll have a special session for you. And of course, a chance to learn from a room full of experienced professionals in the space who’ve been in your shoes. Two days with us is comparable to six months or more trying to figure things out on your own.

“We have already prepared an executive summary to share with our managers and have recommended it to several colleagues.”
Lisa Hanna
Group Manager, Customer Programs, Adobe

What Summit Attendees Say

2017 Summit

Featured Speakers


Meagen Eisenberg
Chief Marketing Officer


Alex Saric
Chief Marketing Officer & Head of Customer Success
Celtra, Inc.


Sarah Jordan
Vice President of Marketing


Melissa Brown
Senior Director, Reference Management


Kim Ellis
Director, Customer Connect (Customer Advocacy Program)
BMC Software

Call for Speakers

We provide a platform for the top customer experience, engagement and advocacy professionals in the world—from Don Peppers to Fred Reichheld and Jeanne Bliss, to leading practitioners from the top customer programs. Our presentations eschew gimmicks—they’re in-depth, field tested, and provide huge learning that you can put into practice immediately. If you’ve got a vibrant program accomplishing extraordinary things for your firm and your career, and that you’d like to present to your peers and to our extended community, we’d love to hear from you. Please fill out the form below:

Deadline to apply is September 30, 2017

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